Payment conditions

Dear clients,


As you may be aware, there is a general increase in the occurrence of incidents involving online payment fraud, and we are therefore writing to provide guidance for online payments and protection against potential external attempts at online payment fraud.


Guidance for online payments and protection against online payment fraud:


Any and all payments to the Burger Liner Group should be paid to our regular account, which appears in our official invoices. If you receive a request for payment, which indicates an account that differs from our regular account, it is critical that you follow the steps below:


  • Do not make any payments to the indicated account. Even if executed by mistake, any payments to a fraudulent account cannot be accepted and will not have discharging effect for liabilities owed to the Burger Liner Group.
  • Promptly contact us per email at or telephone at +31 10 8081830 so that we are alerted to the potential attempts at online payment fraud and may take the required precautionary measures to mitigate the risks.
  • We strongly encourage all of our customers to review and follow the above guidance, which is provided to serve your interests and to protect you against the risks of online payment fraud.


Sincere regards,


Burger Liner Group